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Levantine Dialect Phrases

arabic Dec 27, 2021

…على كلِّنْ

 This expression can be depicted as what could be compared to "Regardless… " where it is utilized to portray something paying little heed to what occurs or has occurred.

Here are some examples:


رح نشوفك بعد بكرة أو يوم الجمعة. على كلن بقللق شو بصير معي

we'll see each other tomorrow or on Friday. Regardless, I'll tell you my choice.


…على فكرة


This phrase can be used to change the subject, resume a subject after interruption or to support an idea just mentioned. Pretty much just like how you would say “by the way” or “anyway” in English.

Here are some examples:


على فكرة, مبارح شفت الفيلم الّي حكيتلي عنه بس ما كتير حبيته

Incidentally, yesterday I've seen the film that you filled me in about however I didn't actually like it 

على فكرة بكرة عيد ميلاد خالد. جبتلها شي؟

By the way, tomorrow is ٫khaled’s birthday. Did you get her something?


Omar Nassra



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